Plant Biotechnology & Phytotechnology

Plant Biotechnology & Phytotechnology

When it comes to micro and macro propagation of plants tissue culture is an invertable step. Duchefa Biochemie bv offers a whole range of plant tissue culture media, biochemical, containers, bioreactors and a lot of other products needed for micro-propagation. All media are produced in our own laboratories and custom made media are produced for many customers.

Plant Biotechnology

Plant cells can be grown in a bioreactor, thus ensuring ideal growth conditions are made.

We have been immensely successful in trial and production strategies through the use of Minifors and Multifors bioreactors for plant cell cultivation.


Sixfors multi bioreactor used to propagate Elaeis guineensis cells with Duchefa m.s modified media.

Multifors bioreactor used in callas cell production for embryogenesis      (Hevea brasiliensis).

We have provided services for the following plantation research laboratories.

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The same applies in the micro propagation of advantageous and hairy root cells. Seen below are harvested root cells from a Labfors bioreactor with more than 10 fold increase from the initial fresh weight.

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