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Geology & Rock Specimen


Specimen Collections

Ward’s Science Exclusive Mineral, Rock and Fossil Collections Unequaled in Quality.

Ward’s provides you with nearly 200 high-quality mineral, rock and fossil collections that feature specimens of unequaled quality, innovative design, detailed support materials, and reliable packaging. All specimens have been carefully selected and prepared to bring you truly representative, educational materials.

Our mineral, rock, and mineral/rock combination collections offer everything from basic introductory materials for individualized instruction and study, to more advanced collections for research, reference, or display. Ward’s fossil collections, ideally suited for general, taxonomy, and stratigraphy lab activities and study, are some of the finest available.

All our collections have been designed to suit the specific requirements of your instructional level:


  • GEO-logic® Activity Sets: Provides everything needed to improve students’ understanding of important geological concepts, including numbered samples, copy masters for class activities, study guides, and identification lists. Each set is packed in a sturdy box with compartmented trays.


  • “Know Your…” Series: Features unnumbered specimens for student self-instruction in rock, mineral, and fossil identification. Each study set comes with detailed instructions and an identification list, shortening teacher prep time and allowing students to work independently.


  • Introductory Study Sets: Basic introductions to rock, mineral, or fossil types and features are simple for students to use on their own or for teachers to use in classroom instruction. Specimens are numbered, and a corresponding identification list is included. Each set is packed in a sturdy box with compartmented trays.


  • Classroom Survey Sets: More advanced collections, covering topics in greater depth. Specimens are numbered and selected specimen information is included. Matching testing chips are also available. Each set is packed in a sturdy box with compartmented trays.


  • Advanced Study Sets: Originally developed for university geology labs, comprehensive sets are available either in reference collections with large, 3” x 4” hand samples or the more economical student sets with 1” x 2” samples of the same specimens. Samples are numbered and an identification list is included. Each set is packed in individual, labeled specimen trays or sturdy boxes with compartmented trays; see details for each set.


You’ll also find Build Your Own Collection supplies at the end of the section. Individual specimens, boxes, trays, and labels will allow you to create a customized collection to suit your own preferences.

Including test kits, soil science testing and apparatus for geology