Carolina Biological Science

Customised and Tailored

At a glance…

Brainchild of Melissa Gaspar and Joyce Lean the Carolina Community Science Resource Centre is a place where learning happens, where parents/educators connect with science, and youngsters are actively engaged. This facility is aimed at providing high-quality information about science for many different audiences, including educators, parents and children. It is our way of providing an unprecedented service for society.

Experience counts

Syarikat Bumi Sains in partnership with Carolina Biological, Burlington U.S.A. designed this purpose built mini-laboratory and science resource centre. We hope to help improve hands on science-learning opportunities for students through 40 years of experience in the field.

Theory to practice…..

What we aim at achieving is being able to deliver the theoretical aspects science more efficiently through practical experimentation. With the resources that we have at hand many experiments can be facilitated making the journey of discovering science for children to be one that is exciting, fun filled and rewarding. Areas that will be covered include electricity, chemistry, insect world, microbe interaction, physics, magnetism, biology and much more. Please come visit us for details.



We facilitate the activities and experiments with sessions being divided into two age categories (6-8years) and (9-12years). Joyce is an experience embryologist who served with Kuala Lumpur Hospital for many years and had previously been active at Science Bridge. Inquire for more details!