Anaerobic Microbiology Research


Anaerobic Chamber Malaysia


  • Protein Purification
  • Biochemistry
  • Cell Culture
  • Human Microbiome studies – Gut Bacteria studies, Iron reduction study, in Vivo study, Microbial Rumen
  • Biofuels, Biomass, Biomediation
  • Dentistry
  • Drug discovery


2 Days Advanced Anaerobic Laboratory Course Jenawi Saintifik regularly organizes hands on, and laboratory-based courses in anaerobic bacteriology and anaerobic workstation operation.

2 Days classes are a mixture of classroom lecture and hands on lab covering a wide range of topics in anaerobic bacteriology. The course is designed to bring people with basic experience in microbiology using jars up to a proficient level in anaerobic growth, isolation, and identification in workstations. Extensive microbiology experience is NOT required.

Anaerobic Bacteriology Course

The lecture portion of our 2 day class covers topics such as oxygen toxicity, specimen collection & transport, culture media selection, techniques for isolation, introduction into the workstation and fundamental identification methods. In the lab portion, end users work in small groups inside our anaerobic chamber with live anaerobic organisms.

We start with an anaerobic plate streaked with a mixed sample containing 4 unknown anaerobic and facultative organisms. We work together through picking colonies, streaking, basic staining, and spot biochemicals & potency discs for identification.

Anaerobic Workstation Training

In addition to the anaerobic bacteriology coursework, interested parties get valuable hands on training using gloveless anaerobic workstation.

During the lecture we cover the theory and principals of operation of anaerobic chambers and the various key components of anaerobic chambers.

In the lab, end users will perform basic troubleshooting and maintenance on the anaerobic chamber. Most of the concepts and content can be applied to any anaerobic chamber, and this course would be valuable to anyone working with any model of anaerobic chamber.

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Whitley A35 Workstation



Our main focus is to introduce the working principles of using an anaerobic workstation which gives you the flexibility, dynamics, efficiency and not to mention a reduction in overall operating cost compared to using anaerobic sachets. In fact, we are so confident on our workstations that we have a demo unit for you to try.

Do let us know so we can arrange your request as the demo units are continuously being celebrated on the field by different customers ……. And the results are almost shocking …..

Please get in touch with us, the wait time for trial on the demo is about 2-3 weeks and its completely free !!!


Our Hypoxystation creates hypoxic and anoxic conditions within a controlled and sustained workstation environment. It is ideal for researchers wanting to accurately control oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity.

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Most solid tumours exhibit areas of both chronic and acute hypoxia, all of them evolving dynamically as a function of cellular growth, vascularisation, oxygen consuming metabolism and therapy response. Tumour hypoxia, generally far below 1% oxygen, correlates with increased recurrence rates and decreased survival rates in most cancers. In order to culture cells under conditions which authentically mimic the physiological environment of cancer, The Hypoxystation H35 provides a closed workstation format for rigorous control of oxygen, CO2, temperature and humidity, facilitating accurate regulation of cell culture conditions as the in vivo tumour situation is simulated.


  • Cell culture
  • Tissue culture
  • Cancer research
  • Neurology
  • Cardiovascular research



The Whitley M35 is a microaerobic workstation ideal for the study and isolation of Campylobacter spp, Helicobacter pylori and other similarly fastidious organisms. This is a 4-gas system with built-in gas sensing technology that allows you to programme precise gas concentrations and is perfect for manipulating samples in a sustainable microaerobic environment.


Do you cultivate small number of anaerobes or microbes? The WJGS is the answer.


The Whitley Jar Gassing System is the most convenient, rapid and costeffective way to achieve either anaerobic or microaerobic conditions within a gas jar – under two minutes to create an anaerobic environment and just 15 seconds to achieve microaerophilic conditions.This compares to between 30 – 180 minutes to achieve suitable conditions using gas generation sachets or kits. Numerous studies have shown that organisms have higher recovery rates if they are introduced into the correct incubation  environment as soon as possible




Even though spiral plating was invented over 40 years ago, some microbiologists are yet to experience the advantages of spiral plating over manual methods. Manual plating requires the repetitive creation of a series of dilutions and plates to obtain one good plate for subsequent reading. All the plates produced then have to be incubated. Subsequently, one plate is selected for counting and the rest are discarded.

The Whitley WASP Touch significantly reduces the need for costly, time consuming serial dilutions and produces high quality plates, which are easy to read and interpret. The system is simple to use and provides real cost savings and process improvements.

WASP Touch is a precision laboratory instrument designed to deposit accurate volumes of liquid sample in an Archimedes spiral onto the surface of a rotating agar plate.

In logarithmic mode the dispensing stylus deposits decreasing amounts of sample as the stylus moves from the centre of the plate towards the outer edge. The volume of sample on any given segment of the plate is known, constant and repeatable. This level of precision permits rapid and accurate bacterial enumeration in liquid sample following suitable incubation of each plate. WASP Touch performs the equivalent of three logarithmic serial dilutions across a 90 mm plate and four logarithmic dilutions across a 150 mm plate. Alternatively, WASP Touch can deliver a precise, reproducible linear sample deposition (without dilution across the plate). A wide range of logarithmic and linear deposition volumes are available to optimise your sample processing.