Our Company – 40 years and going…..

The humble beginning of this establishment was initiated more than 4 decades ago as suppliers of laboratory equipment and apparatus catering widely for the education sector. From being one of the pioneers who championed the supply chain for laboratory needs, we have today diversified our market potential into many other aspects such as research, development, education, technology transfer and as key wholesalers.

The company was founded by Gaspar Thomas in 1976, primarily as distributors and resellers. In due time from then we started to actively participate in government tenders and in 1978 became registered suppliers to the Malaysia Government. As the business grew we expanded our horizons by importing such equipment from the world over and were the pioneers in establishing relational ties with the then GDR (German Democratic Republic).

By 1982 we were steadily growing and moving into a different era in which we saw ourselves not only as retailers but also initiated plans to be wholesalers for the trademarks that we represented and in due time expanded our warehousing facilities to keep up with the various equipment we sold. Rapid market expansion meant wider diversity in product and service range through exclusive partnerships with international manufacturers.

By forming these ties we not only were able to obtain and resell equipment at better prices, but could also directly render better after sales service for our clients. Training for customers became our priority as we set ourselves to not only retail but also to represent ourselves as educators to the market segment. As our partnership with East Germany grew stronger we were in part requested by the East German Consulate to also promote many of the research equipment that was being manufactured in the GDR. As such partnership was formed between us and optical giants Carl-Zeiss Jena. From here we ventured into the field of optical microscopy and became directly involved in the research arena allowing us to aid those who needed services in the macro and micro environment.

By 1990 our business focus seem to fork into two paths; where we found ourselves whilst continuing our tradition as suppliers to the education market, our business within the research circle was growing in exponential volumes. A management decision to keep focus on both areas proved worthy as we still till today, 43 years on carry out our role in providing solutions for both research, development and education. In research we provide solutions for Biotechnology, Fermentation Technology, Food Technology, Plant Tissue Culture, Bioreactors and Animal Cell Culture, Sterilisation, Media Preparators, Ovens, Incubators and equipment for routine Microbiology.

We are a family owned business which is an asset that has attributed to our growth.