Syarikat Bumi Sains has been featured on numerous occasions over the media at sponsoring laboratories,helping to supplement the teaching systems at universities and in relating our 4 decade old story to the world.

Open for business – Business FM 89.9MHz Podcast Shaman M. Gaspar  12th May 2016  text  from BFM

The husband and wife team started BumiSains in 1976 as a supplier of scientific apparatus to schools throughout the country. Since its inception, supporting education and research has been at the core of their business. They began setting up research plants in the area of biotechnology for private colleges and research institutes. However, sustaining a business for 40 years is not an easy task as they have survived through three recessions and now, the weak currency. Shaman Gaspar, the second generation of the business talks about their future plans.

Minifors Bioreactor

Hi ! Welcome and thank you for visiting our blog ! In this blog, you will read about our 3 days Bioreactor Workshop in the Bioprcessing Technology lab, operating on the very stylish, high-tech., table-top Continuous Stir Tank Bioreactor……

DAY 1 – First Day We Met Room 148 Bioreactor


Date:    4.10.2010 (Monday)
Time:    1P.M
Place:   Room 148 PPTI

This was the first that we started our laboratory experiment of IBG 302 (Bioreactor Operation). The planned for this day that to introduce us to the bioreactor scale of 2L and the brand is Infors HT. The ratio height to diameter of this bioreactor is approximately 2.5 : 1. It is very……..

FIRST DAY: The Story Begin


Date : 4 October 2010
Time : 12.00 pm
Venue : Laboratory 148

We are quite excited to know and to work with our precious Mr . Fermentor named MINIFORS………