Pilot Bioprocessing and Plant Management

Pilot Bioprocessing and Plant Management

Our Association with Infors AG, Switzerland since 1989 has given us the knowledge and know how as to how a pilot plant can be designed and managed for maximum efficiency. Same of the projects we have completed were design ideas and scale up solutions formulated in house. The following references will describe some of the successful projects we have completed

Curtin Pilot Plant. (150 Litre Techfors Bioreactor)


Completed with site acceptance test in 2019. Follow the youtube link


ABI (AgroBiotecnology Institute (150 Litre Techfors Bioreactor for Mycellium production)

ABI an institute under the stewardship of the National Institute of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM) has set up a 150 Litre pilot bioreactor featuring the worlds first 13 Litre self-cleaning and self-sterilising bioreactor for inoculum production debected the LabCIP from Infors AG, Switzerland.

The power of deuteration brings insight for vaccine and drug delivery

The Minifors2 performance is unprecedented in it’s class. Here the nanoparticles serving as building blocks for vaccine development is manufactured in this Minifors2 systems.

Malaysia Genome

Malaysia Genome has been one of our most valuable references. This is where we established our capability as a solution provider  bioprocess system. A unique industry & academic partnership has enabled us to conduct many trials and experiments involving protein expression in microbial systems. From batch to fed batch processes we have been able to identify and optimise conditions to achieve high biomass with good expression

USM School of Industrial Technology

Bioreactor Pilot plant capable of throughput of up to 3000litre

This plant was designed and built in 2016 with a unique approach in mind in that its modular flexible structure would enable multi discipline research to be conducted simultaneously. The plant which has the capacity to accommodate bioreactors up to 3000litres in multitude presents an avenue as incubator that could house several research/production facilities.