Fermentation Technology ( Preface )


This section of the website exclusively discusses about various concepts, methods and further details into fermentation technology. It has been designed to provide insight for undergraduates, postgraduates and lecturers, where we can share a knowledgebase together.

Some of the specific areas into fermentation involve the keynotes which address problems and difficulties encountered when one starts to venture into the world of fermentation. Fermentation as we call it simply is a process where rapid multiplication of cells is needed in large volume. The application is dynamic and vast and there are endless possibilities to achieve a certain common goal.





The term bioreactor or fermentors, refer to a system that is used in scale-up processes. Fermentation may well be used in the propagation of plant cells, animal cells and more commonly for Microbial applications. This can simply be done for increasing cell biomass, for the production of secondary metabolites such as proteins or enzymes, for bio-fuel production and also for the many other applications for which such instrumentation is intended for.

By acknowledging these facts we not only retail this equipment but also render the services to facilitate successful use of them by collaborating with universities and by becoming part and parcel of research itself.

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