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Fermentation Teaching Rigs

Syarikat Bumi Sains in partnership with Infors AG, Switzerland has introduced and conceptualized the idea of setting up teaching facilities for fermentation technology. To date we have been able to provide course documents for enhanced teaching, with recipe cookbooks for various bacterial strains.

  Fermentation Workshop at UPM

We have thus far been very successful in launching and integrating fermentation as a hands on practical course. Undergraduates can now have access to bioreactors and experience for themselves the fundamentals aspects of the subject. Such teaching rigs have been established in UPM (University Putra Malaysia), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Sedaya University and the International Islamic University Malaysia. Most of these facilities have been equipped with our easy to use and highly versatile stand alone bioreactor, the Minifors.

 E-coli expression in Pilot scale

Here students are taken through various stages of fermentation, from lag to death phases and they are now exposed to examine how various parameters change during the fermentation cycle. Students are also thought the different modes of fermentation and most importantly we have been able to turn fermentation into a fun and exciting activity.



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