Our Mission

There is always a secret in keeping an establishment such as Syarikat Bumi Sains alive through it’s’ 32 years of existence and this is the key ingredient in keeping a steady growth throughout that time and thus for the future. Out motto is simple…..

A satisfied consumer is our best customer, and as long as we excel in doing so we firmly believe that we are in the right direction. Our immediate and long term plans for the future is to continue to provide the best service we can for our customers!

By establishing close ties with our clients we are now able to offer customized solutions for research into biotechnology, where we actively work together for prime areas such as bio-fuel production, photosynthetic bioreactors, production of secondary metabolites through fermentation, plant pathology and the use bioreactors in cell culture applications.

As for the Education market we still actively participate in tenders through our sister companies and also through tendering agents. With our experience and knowledge through the years, we have in the last two years launched our own range of educational products through our trademark Astral Scientific ®. We are constantly updating products and enhancing new concepts to get our products in line and to be at par with the requirements of the Malaysian Education Syllabus.

We also have an extensive number of agents and re-sellers throughout the nation, who represent our products in different states.  We strive hard at keeping our fellow agents and customers alike satisfied. It is never an easy task but we are keen to help and in doing so we firmly believe that this will enhance ties and bridge the gap between both parties.


In this exclusive web front we also bring you a new feature on tips and tricks for fermentation technology. Through our association and collaboration with Infors AG, Switzerland, who is our principal manufacturers of fermenters and bioreactors, we have developed the Fermentation Technology pages, where we will feature and edit from time to time our experiences with researchers and with the work we have carried out with universities.

Within these pages, we have brought together some information and background about ourselves and the knowledge we have can only be re-iterated for general viewing. In time we hope from the feedback we get, we can share this information on to others. This goes without saying that Biotechnology is a vast and diverse topic and as such we have within these pages brought to you the topics we esteem are important.

As always if there are any queries, please do feel free to contact us at any point! We hope to serve you better……

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