Astral Scientific

Astral Scientific is co-partner and a sister company of Syarikat Bumi Sains. The roots of this company took shape at a time when the Directors and Consultants decided that it was time that a new product with a quality brand was to be born.

The endless search for manufacturers of high quality and reliable scientific products proved unsuccessful as many of such in Malaysia were manufacturing without adhering to proper management control or manufacturing guidelines.

We realize that to be fully potential, one must posses a well structured and clearly defined work space. From here we began developing our own range of products which replicated the needs and requirements was a key issue, as designs were drafted from conceptual sketch to the finished article. Prototype working models were made with the aid of local manufacturers and improvisation ideas were incorporated into existing mass manufactured designs.

Thus we made A to B comparisons with imported products of the some genre. To our benefit, we discovered that the time spent proved worthwhile, as the products, now not only engaged in being user friendly but also more cost efficient in terms of production and furthermore had much improved ergonomics.

A thorough analysis of the downsides of some readily available domestic products lead us to realize and seek solutions on how these products could benefit from modification to make them look aesthetically pleasing and have better functionality and features.



Astral Scientific Lab Equipments



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